Glitter Powder China

Weii is an industrial company based on

research, development, production and sales of glitter powder.

By using the surface treatment of glitter powder, we make your products

brighter, dazzling and your life colorful.

Our mission is “Keep improving, Never say never”.

Weii glitter the World

Weii adheres to the production of high-quality glitter powder as the core and conducts business with integrity as the principle of conducting global trade activities. We have always believed that we could glitter the world with quality and integrity.

Weii glitter the Life

Weii glitter powder, as an excellent surface treatment material, is widely used in all aspects of life. It can give the product’s surface a shiny and bright color and a 3D effect. Also, you’ll have a bumpy feel when touching the coating surface. Enriching and improving the product’s appearance and visual effects and product grades and also enhancing the customer’s love for the applied products.

Weii glitter the Future

The future of Weii includes the future of employees’ career development, the future of mutual support by customers, the future of the company’s own diversified development, and the future of continuous contributions to social welfare.

Customer Future

Starting from care, taking the customer as the center, the customer’s worries first, thoughtful from near to far, small to big.

Staff Future

Strengthen employee vocational skills training, care for employees’ lives, and improve happiness.

Enterprise Future

In addition to GLITTER POWDER, we are involved in printing machinery industry, printing and packaging products, fabric industry, etc.

Charity Future

Charity work with love, relaying hand in hand. Hold up a blue sky for the poor students, give them life with sunshine, warmth and hope. This is what we are always insisting.